About Photo Requests

Some of the popups at the place marks on paths contain pictures.  In order to insert more pictures, readers are invited to participate in several ways:

• If you live in one of the places mentioned in Hayes’ diary, could you please send me a photo (only one please) of that place.  An old photo would be nice but a current one would be interesting too.  He often mentions geographical features and the beauty of natural places.  Such photos would be particularly welcome.

• If you know anyone who lives in one of the places Hayes visits, please forward this blog and explain its photo request to  your friends.

• If you have information or photographs of anyone Hayes mentions in his travels, those would be most interesting to post.

• Hayes talks about ships he sailed in,  trains he hopped, and machinery he operated.  Photos or information about these would be interesting to add as well.

To submit a photo or other material for consideration please type its URL with a caption into the comment field.


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